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Pathological basics involve identifying the etiology of the disease, the pathogenesis, the morphological changes associated with the disease process, and the functional consequences of those changes.

Medical books

Medical books cover the general healthcare literature and references, including internal medicine, pharmacy, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, traditional medicine, dentistry, otolaryngology, nursing, and other specialties.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment following modern medicine to explore signs, symptoms, risk factors and learn about different treatment methods and options.

Drugs A - Z

List of common drugs in alphabetical order by name from A to Z. Description, classification, other common drug names, and important information about prescription, medication use, and possible side effects.

Healthy life

This content focuses on topics about living a Healthy Life such as Physical Health (exercise, nutrition, diet...), Mental Health (emotional control, positive thinking...), and Social Health (social harmony, social love...).


This section provides readers up-to-date medical news and articles worldwide such as diseases, researches, medical development, daily medical issues, etc...

Download (PDF)

The section provides readers the downloadable medical books under pdf form of many specialties such as internal medicine, pharmacy, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, dentistry, otolaryngology, nursing, and others.