Acupuncture book

Acupuncture for haemorrhoids, Acupuncture for urinary tract, Acupuncture for lower extremities, Acupuncture for goitre and thyroid strength alone, Acupuncture for colds and flu, Acupuncture for myopia, Shock acupuncture.

Acupuncture shoulder pain

Chronic inflammation or degenerative tendon, common in workers over middle age

Sprains acupuncture for lower extremities

In acute soft lesions, acupuncture points are first applied. If unsubstantiated results are needed, prick the respective area on the healthy side.

Acupuncture for acute appendicitis

In most patients, a raised mass may be palpable. The case of abdominal wall muscle tension, rapid pulse and high fever are symptoms of severe illness. In children, diarrhoea is possible.

Acupuncture mastitis

Designated acupuncture points: Thai Xung, Tuc Lam Khap, Thieu Trach, Tuc tam, Dan Trung. Note: Choose 2 - 3 points for each treatment. Once a day, save the needle for 15 - 20 minutes.

Acupuncture for biliary disease

If the bile duct worms or gallstones occur at the same time, there is usually a sharp, acute pain point in the upper right abdomen.

Acupuncture for acute lymphadenitis (red furuncle)

Touching feels a bit solid, aching; in severe cases, often with malaria, fever and other systemic symptoms.

Acupuncture for haemorrhoids

External haemorrhoids can cause thrombosis, forming blood clots under the skin, causing prolonged anal pain and pain when passing out. External haemorrhoids are usually easy to see outside of the anus.

Acupuncture halo inflammation

The lesion is slightly raised with obvious haloes, between grey pants. Lymph nodes are localized, maybe enlarged; systemic symptoms such as fever, thorns, and headache may be present.

Acupuncture for Malaria

Clinical manifestations: chills and high fever, headache. Repeated malaria can cause anaemia and splenomegaly.

Acupuncture for back pain

Onset may be associated with weather such as cold, humidity, general fatigue and upper respiratory infections.

Acupuncture for elbow pain

History of acute trauma, painful local swelling, hematoma or local bleeding. Depending on the location of the injury, pain or loss of function may vary

Acupuncture shock (shock)

While doing, roll the needle occasionally (every 15 - 20 minutes). If blood pressure does not rise, prick Noi Quan and prick needles repeatedly, or save Khi Hai point until symptoms subside.

Acupuncture for arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is mostly seen in young and middle-aged 20 to 40 years old. The onset is usually quiet; sometimes the onset of a fuss.

Acupuncture, acute dysentery, dysentery

Symptoms of acute dysentery are similar to those associated with inflammatory bowel disease but are tender, small, and bloody or mucus.

Acupuncture for hypertension

Secondary high blood pressure can be caused by nephritis, pregnancy toxicity, brain disorders or endocrine disorders.

Acupuncture for infectious hepatitis

In some patients, during the course of the disease, jaundice does not appear, in these cases called "jaundice of infectious hepatitis".

Acupuncture for cardiovascular disease

Treatment: Select the main points Boi - du on the bladder is mainly, coordinate the points of the Kinh Tam and the Tam Bao Lac

Acupuncture stiff neck

Treatment: Select the major acupuncture points of the Kinh Dom and the Tieu Truong, coordinate local acupuncture points. Moderate or strong stimulation. Can apply the method Bau Giac

Hot drunk acupuncture

In the case of heatstroke, the cure measures must be applied quickly and quickly; otherwise, it may lead to negative consequences

Acupuncture for epigastric pain

Treatment: Choose the acupuncture point according to the method of "Boi - Du and Huyet Mo" acupressure "and" 8 intersection points of 8 periods ". Usually only mild irritation. During exacerbations need strong stimulation.

Acupuncture for diaphragm spasm

Note: Ask the patient to cooperate with the physician by taking deep breaths during treatment.

Acupuncture for bronchial asthma

Preventive therapy when the weather is about to change; Research on the acupuncture of Phe du, Ty du, Tuc Tam Ly.

Acupuncture bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is mainly caused by recurrent or inflammatory infections in the respiratory tract. Outbreaks of the disease usually happen when the weather changes, especially in winter-spring.

Acupuncture colds and flu

The clinical symptoms are usually: sudden chills, fever 390C or higher, accompanied by severe headache; pain in extremities.