Allergic immunology

Allergic drug lecture, Asthma lecture (clinical immunity), Anaphylaxis lecture, Food allergy pathology, Scleroderma, Systemic lupus erythematosus, Atopic capillary disease.

Allergic capillary inflammatory disease

Acute intussusception, and often in the ileum position is the most serious complication of observed gastrointestinal damage.

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Usually mild fever, but there are also cases of high fever, unexplained persistent fever, accompanied by general symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, poor appetite.

Allergy medicine lecture

The clinical manifestations, of drug allergy, are very diverse, and varied, these manifestations can appear systematically, or in each organ system.

Anaphylactic shock lecture

Platelet agglutination stimulates platelet release histamine and other mediators, increases vascular permeability, spasms of smooth muscles and bronchi.

Urticaria and Quincke oedema

House dust, cotton dust, wool, library dust, warehouse dust, pollen, fungus, cuticles, are also the causes of Quincke's urticaria.

Food allergy pathology

It is important to distinguish them from false allergic reactions, food intolerances, adverse reactions from food and food poisoning

Atopic dermatitis and contact allergic dermatitis

An organizational change of the skin, in Atopic dermatitis, and contact dermatitis, is observed approximately 4 hours after the allergen enters the body

Lecture of bronchial asthma (clinical immunity)

Combination drugs in the treatment of asthma, long-acting beta 2 hyperstimulation, nebulized corticosteroids, are used in a four-step regimen according to GINA.

Scleroderma pathology: Define, classification, treatment

Skin lesions are localized on the fingertips, from fingers to wrists, or from toe to knees, sometimes with hardening of the skin localized under the collarbone.