Practical cardiology: Approach to the Management of Problems in Cardiology

Author: Tracey Baker ; George Nikolić; Simon O’Connor Published year: 2008 Downloads: 14

Brief content

There have been many changes in cardiology - that most rapidly developing specialty-since 1999 when the first edition of this book was published. This edition, with a new publisher and a third author (George Nikolić), aims to bring the subject right up to date. Much has changed. Some previous recommendations such as hormone replacement therapy to reduce cardiovascular risk have been reversed, and important new concepts such as total cardiovascular risk have been introduced.

No medical specialty has been so affected by the results of randomized trials. Some of the more important trials have been listed and their results summarised. References have been provided throughout the book for important management recommendations. Students and medical staff are now expected to be able to back up their practice with evidence. We hope this book will make that task easier.

There is a new chapter devoted to electrocardiography. There are many basic books available for those beginning to learn about ECG interpretation. We have not tried to reproduce these but rather to provide a text for those with some basic knowledge that puts ECGs into their clinical context.

Other cardiac investigations are dealt with throughout the book and a DVD has been provided to enable readers to see them in the way they are interpreted as video images.

Case-based learning sections have been provided for each area of cardiology to help students to understand the principles of this teaching method.

We hope this modern problem and evidence-based cardiology text will be helpful to doctors and students.