Look up drug interactions

2021-06-23 03:33 PM

Mims interaction English, Drug interaction facts, David S Tatro, PharmD, 2003, (Incompatex French), Drug interactions and notes, Vietnamese

Use books to lookup drug interactions

The interaction section of Vidal France.

The interaction section of Vidal Vietnam.

Drug interactions (Ivan H Stockley, 2001).

Drug interaction facts (David S.Tatro, PharmD, 2003).

Use lookup software

Fast, convenient but requires a computer. There is four commonly used software:

Mims interaction (English).

Drug interaction facts (David S. Tatro, PharmD, 2003).

Incompatex (French).

Interactions and notes when prescribing drugs (Vietnamese).

In the drug interaction lookup software, there are 4 levels (except fact):

Level 1: Need to monitor treatment.

Level 2: Need to monitor the patient.

Level 3: It is necessary to consider the benefits and harms of the drug combination.

Level 4: Dangerous coordination.

In Vietnamese and Incompatex (French) software, level 4 is warned that the interaction must be prohibited, "forbidden" here is the only relative, really, if used in combination, the interaction will increase the toxicity of 1. drugs that are dangerous to the patient should not be used in combination with this drug; In case the patient is seriously ill and there is no other alternative treatment, the combination can still be used.