Acute heart injury

2021-06-04 06:23 AM

Cardiovascular complications in patients infected with Covid-19 were similar to those in patients with SARS, MERS, and influenza.

The Covid-19 epidemic has significantly increased cardiovascular complications. According to a report by the American Medical Journal, out of 138 patients hospitalized due to Covid-19, 16.7% of patients developed arrhythmias; 7.2% of patients with acute heart injury including acute heart failure, myocarditis, myocardial infarction, and cardiac arrest, 70% of cardiovascular patients with myocardial damage caused by the Covid-19 virus have died. 

According to medical experts, cardiovascular complications occur because the virus that causes Covid-19 suppresses the body's immune system, thereby increasing the risk of infection, reducing the oxygen content in the blood, and causing disorders. heartbeat. On the other hand, the attack of foreign viruses can cause an immune-stimulating response that creates a "false alarm" that stimulates nerve activity and increases blood pressure and heart rate.

Studies on cardiovascular complications in Covid-19 patients are still ongoing. There have not been any reports on the incidence of cardiovascular complications between patients with and without pre-existing cardiovascular disease. Therefore, cardiovascular patients need to be monitored regularly, take medication periodically and be aware that they are in a high-risk group for infection and severe development when infected with Covid-19. However, not because of that, patients are confused and worried, but keep a strong will, be careful, and be more conscious in protecting the health of themselves, their families, and society.