Disseminated intravascular coagulation

2021-06-04 06:39 AM

Blood clotting is a complication of Covid-19 that has just been discovered recently.

French and Dutch studies conducted on Covid-19 patients show that up to 30% of patients have a pulmonary embolism, and this happens when blood clots from deep veins in the legs travel to the legs. lung. Mount Sinai Health System of Manhattan (USA) recorded 5 cases of stroke caused by Covid-19, with signs of blood clotting.

What worries scientists is the location of blood clots in Covid-19 patients. They appear in arterial catheters, and filters for patients with kidney failure. If blood clots are not treated, they will impede blood flow in the lungs, make it difficult to breathe, rapidly deteriorate the patient's health, and increase the risk of death. In addition, blood clots can also appear in other places in the body, causing damage to the heart, kidneys, and several other organs.