Psychiatric: depression, anxiety, mood swings

2021-06-04 07:00 AM

In addition to the effects on the patient's health, Covid-19 also causes significant impacts on mental health.

A quarter of adults in the US have anxiety disorders, 800 psychologists and consultants in Singapore are on duty at the psychological and financial counseling hotline related to the Covid-19 epidemic.

These are signals showing the negative impacts of the pandemic on people's spiritual life. Specifically, Covid-19 causes blood oxygen loss, affecting patient behavior; or loss of taste affects the patient's eating and health.

On the other hand, according to the World Health Organization's warning, anti-epidemic measures can make people feel anxious, lonely, and lose sleep. Lockdowns can also increase domestic violence. Family service Whispering Hearts (Singapore) said, compared with the same period in April last year, the rate of domestic violence increased by 23%.

Not to mention that the pandemic causes direct financial impacts, raising workers' concerns about job loss and salary reduction; Businesses are under pressure to pay bills and keep employees.