Dermatology lecture

Lecture of Bowen's disease, Lecture of Celiac disease, Lecture of Duhring Brocq, Lecture of eczema, Lecture of scabies.

Practice postpartum testing

Lower abdomen in a stretched position. When the abdominal muscles have a significant distance (can put 3 fingers in the middle), it is advisable to refer to an obstetric physician.

Lecture of Pemphigus disease

Autoimmune disease, which has autoantibodies to circulating IgG in the blood against the keratinocytes cell surface, destroys the intercellular bonds that induce hydration in the epidermis.

Lecture of Cryptococcosis

The most common fungus in bird droppings is pigeon droppings because C neoformans are capable of using creatinine in guano as a nitrogen source.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression

Emotional and psychological factors play an important role in reducing depression. Patients need to be close, share feelings, have the opportunity to express their private thoughts and thoughts.

Lecture of hair loss (Alopecia)

May be combined with vitiligo, hypoparathyroidism, Addison, Hashimoto thyroiditis, severe myasthenia gravis, Down syndrome, malignant anaemia.

Lecture on squamous cell cancer (Epithélioma spino cellulaire)

A red or pink tumour, the size of a pea-sized round, with an unknown firm limit, resembling a tumour form of basal cell carcinoma

Dermatological scleroderma lecture

Four types of different types in their acidic composition. One-third of a person's protein is collagen, and bones and skin contain the most collagen

Lectures on occupational skin diseases

Localized mainly in the open area, clearly limited only in the contact area, not in other skin areas. Sometimes there is a clear picture of the contact object. For example, rubber sandals, phone handset.

Fixed recurrent chromosomal erythema rash on the skin

The pathogenetic mechanism of erythema of chromosomal erythema fixates the allergic immune responses of types III and IV and is considered to be hypersensitive, recurring when the patient is re-taking the drug

Lecture of tapeworm larvae under the skin

On the basis of the pig tapeworm disease in the intestinal tract (faecal examination to find the tapeworm and eggs), there are clinical signs of subcutaneous tapeworm cysts.

Lecture on anthrax

People become infected in cases of abrasions on the skin due to contact with the wastes of sick animals or the slaughter of animals that have died from anthrax.

Lectures on leeches diagnosis

Due to scratching itch, pustules appear, sudden spots, difficult to swollen hands and feet, secondary infection, axillary lymph nodes, swollen groin (infected leeches’ nest).

Lecture on onychomycosis

Infection of the lateral and subcutaneous parts, the most common form of nail dystrophy, is often caused by the fungus dermatophyte, sometimes with secondary fungal infections

Diagnosis of tinea versicolor

Looking closely, there is a clear limit of the slightly high ridge on the skin surface, slightly high peeling off bran scales (red, high hump, tingling when going to the sun).

Upper diarrhoea was congenital water burn

Fluid burns always appear after trauma and are localized in open areas (palms: grip, soles of the feet).

Bullous pemphigoid BP lecture

Usually begins with urticaria or papules, less dermatitis, eczema precedes the bladder for weeks or months, and then blisters spread to many places.

Lecture of Paget's dermatology

At first lesions are a few small secretory scales or keratinized organization around the breast. Scales are tightly attached to dry or slightly wet, itchy more or less, peeling layer after layer and extruding.

Lecture of Bowen's disease

Decisive diagnosis: based on clinical and histopathology (strawberry-shaped dendritic cells with vacuoles called Bowen cells or Darier keratinocytes).

Epithelioma basalioma

Usually appears after the horny keratosis in the elderly, up to a certain time the keratosis spreads, infiltrates and at the base, there is a drop.

Lecture of scabies (scabies, gale)

Pathogens caused by scabies parasite Sarcoptic scabies hominis, Diseases caused mainly by female scabies, male scabies does not cause disease due to death after intercourse

Lecture on eczema

Whether internal or external causes are related to a specific body's response to an allergic reaction, the patient may be a topic.

Lectures of Duhring Brocq's disease

By direct immunofluorescence test, granular IgA deposition in 85, 90% of patients and sugar formation in Duhring Brocq patients.

Lecture on urticaria and angioedema

Angioedema and urticaria classified as IgE mediated, complement-mediated, associated with cold, sunlight, pressure, or idiosyncrasies specific stimulation

Lecture on prevention of fungal diseases

It has been found that people with fungal skin infections have a significantly lower resistance to alkali and the ability to neutralize alkali compared to normal people

Itchy papules caused by insect bites or stings

Immediately after burning papules-like popular papules, 2, 3 mm or 1, 2 cm in diameter, high on the skin, red and itchy, there is a discharge in the middle, brown scaly head in the middle.