Lecture on the Hairy Tongue

2021-02-05 12:00 AM

Examination The keratinous papillae look like they are covered with a coat, located in the middle of the surface of the tongue

Tongue hair is a condition due to the elongation and thickening of the epithelial papillae on the surface of the tongue. It is often a "black" colour caused by a pigment-forming bacterium.


Community: common.

Age: usually in adults.

Favourable factors arise: fever, dehydration, decreased saliva secretion, oral antibiotics reduce the balance of bacteria.

Medical history

Patients who take antibiotics or have other favourable factors such as fever, dehydration, or decreased salivation.

Symptoms in the mucosa

Almost no. Some patients experience changes in taste or difficulty swallowing.


The papillae of the epithelium appear to be keratinized like they are covered with a coat. Position in the center of the tongue surface.


When finding the cause and eliminating it, the disease cures. However, in order for the patient to be well, they can use mouthwashes that have antiseptic effects and use toothpaste to remove the clinging on the tongue.