Generic and brand-name drugs O

Generic and brand-name drugs O: Composition, drug form and content, indications, contraindications, precautions, unwanted effects, dosage and administration, interactions, storage

Ossopan: Medicine to treat calcium deficiency when growing up, pregnant, and breastfeeding

Treatment in case of calcium deficiency, especially during growth, pregnancy, and lactation. Supportive treatment of osteoporosis (in the elderly, postmenopausal, corticosteroid therapy, reactivation after prolonged immobilization).

OxyNeo: Pain reliever for cancer patients and after surgery patients

Oxycodone is a full opioid agonist with non-antagonist properties. The medicine has a high affinity for kappa, muy and delta opiate receptors on the brain and spinal cord. The main therapeutic effects are analgesic, anxiolytic, and sedation.

Oztis: Treatment of mild and moderate knee arthritis.

Oztis (Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate) has been shown to be safe in the indicated doses. There is no clinical report of side effects, but patients with diabetes should follow their doctor's instructions.

Ozurdex: Medicine for macular edema and uveitis treatment

Ozurdex is indicated for the treatment of macular edema due to branch retinal vein occlusion or central retinal vein occlusion, the treatment of noninfectious uveitis affecting the posterior portion of the eye, and the treatment of macular edema due to diabetes.