Internal medicine nursing

Lectures on corticosteroid therapy, Nursing care for patients with lung abscesses, Nursing care for Basedow patients, Nursing care for patients with gout.

Nursing care of patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic inflammatory arthritis of unknown etiology, occurring mainly in young men

Nursing care of patients with osteoarthritis

It is the main cause of primary osteoarthritis, appearing late, often in the elderly, in many locations, progressing slowly, not severely.

Nursing care of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Initially, the causative agent acted as an antigen, but until now it is still unknown what antigen it is.

Medical examination for musculoskeletal diseases

During the physical examination, the patient's movements can be observed when walking, carrying, performing resistance tests, or using a dynamometer.

Nursing care of patients on hemodialysis

To filter blood for patients with kidney failure, one must set up a system, one side is the body's blood, the other side is a filtrate similar to the extracellular fluid.

Nursing care of patients with chronic kidney failure

Most chronic kidney diseases, whether the onset is glomerular, tubular, or vascular disease, can lead to chronic renal failure.

Nursing care of patients with pyelonephritis

Patients often have a history of kidney disease, and urinary or are suffering from a systemic disease, suddenly high fever, chills, hip pain.

Nursing care of patients with nephrotic syndrome

Primary simple nephrotic syndrome, corticosteroid-sensitive, usually without hypertension, without renal failure, and without hematuria.

Nursing care of patients with acute glomerulonephritis

Acute malignant glomerulonephritis, formerly known as rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, is a name characterized by rapid disease progression and early death.

Medical examination and treatment of urological kidney disease

The glomerulus has the function of filtering, the tubules, and the loop of Henle have the function of reabsorption, and secretion, these tubules unite to empty into the collecting duct, and finally into the renal pelvis.