Pathology of the sinus mucous tumour

2021-01-31 12:00 AM

With benign tumours located in the sinuses, with a rather chewy outer shell, filled with sterile mucus, clear as egg whites or lemon-yellow in colour, mucus contains mucin

Is a type of tumour found in all ages but mainly in adults?

Although it is a benign tumour, it gradually develops, eroding and resorption of the sinus wall, causing deformations in the face and eyes.

Mucous tumours can develop in one sinus or in two or more sinuses. The most common is frontal sinus mucus tumour, forehead sieve.


Currently unknown, the factors listed are:

Nasal-sinus obstruction due to malformation or inflammation.

Sinus trauma due to trauma or after sinus surgery.

Sinusitis receives prolonged antibiotic treatment.

Currently, much attention is paid to local factors.


With benign tumours located in the sinuses, having a rather tough outer shell, filled with sterile mucus, like egg whites or lemon yellow, mucus containing mucin and fat cells should take X-rays again. Optical, light up.

Mucous tumours are still in the sinuses: usually no symptoms.

There was no inflammation or infection.

Headache may be present but not atypical.

Nasal congestion, a runny nose can be found in sinus mucus or jaw sieve but not clear.

Only discovered by accidental X-ray (for other reasons) found that the sinus had a larger and brighter mucus than the opposite side.

Long-term development of mucus: eroding, resorption of the sinus wall. It is currently not determined whether due to increasing mucus pressure, by mucus nature or by wear and resorption of the shell.

The main signs are erosive mucus, loss of sinus wall, bulging, encroaching outside. Depending on the sinus have mucus see:

Frontal-sieving sinus tumour.

Early Signs: swelling of the upper corner in the eye socket.

Slower: swelling of all or part of the outer surface of the sinuses (inner wall, the upper wall of the eye socket) without inflammation, no pain, soft pressure, bobbing, can see ping pong or crown (when the tumour exits the sinus wall).

Eye signs such as double vision, drooping eyelids, easy to protrude eyes: protruding out and down, having little effect on vision and vision.

Mucous sinus tumour:

Early signs: pushing the canine area, lipophilic vestibule.

Slower: swelling of the front of the jaw sinuses, pushing the nasal-cheek groove, the frog's jaw can be pushed downwards.

X-ray: showed sinuses with eaten mucus extending to all sides, brighter than usual, thin, bold sinus wall, bone loss can be seen.

Puncture: when the mucus has worn down, lost the bone wall, poked it easily, sucks out clear mucus-like egg whites or lemon yellow, without a bad nose.


Benign tumour but erosive long-term development, loss of sinus wall encroaches on nearby organizations:

Into the eyes causes bulging eyes (down, out).

Intracranial: exposing, sticking to the meninges. Tumours can develop into the intracranial system causing increased intracranial pressure syndrome.

Down the frog's jaw will bulge and collapse, can shake the upper molars.

When the tumour grows large, it causes half of the face to be deformed.


Surgery to remove mucus (need to remove all the cyst shell).

Make the nasal-sinus drain wide, good to avoid relapse.