Soft cancer surgery

2021-05-11 11:32 AM

In fact, the tumour is not enveloped and always invades neighbouring tissue, the cross-section is dense, gray-white or pink, with a fibrous texture.

Cellulose (fibres)

First described in 1963 by Ozzello, the tumour produces a variety of fibrous substances but is derived from tissue. In culture, tumour cells resemble tissue, have the ability to move as amoeba and object form. Fibroelastoma is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in middle-aged and old people, mostly 50-70 years old; Men are twice that of women. The most common tumour in the lower extremities is the thigh, followed by the upper and posterior peritoneum. Some tumours are created by radiation, exposed to phenoxy acid ... In the limb, the tumour usually does not cause pain for many months.


Tumours have many lobes, solid, 5-10cm or larger. Tumours often spread along the fascia or muscle fibre, thus giving high rates of recurrence. The cross-section is gray or white and varies according to the microscopic pattern.


Malignant tumours are divided into 4 groups:

(1) vortex-polymorphic vortex: most commonly encountered, consisting of spiral-shaped spindle cell hyperplasia alternating regions of cell diversity. Cellular deformity can be few or many. This is the most frequently mentioned form.

(2) mucous (mucous sarcoma): second most common, about 25%; there are many regions of mucous degeneration besides helical and multifaceted cytoplasmic regions. U have better support than the above type.

(3) macrophage type (soft tissue macrophage): rare, there are many osteoblasts with many anthropomorphic macrophages.

(4) inflammatory form (fatty sarcoma): is composed of many fatty phagocytes and inflammatory cells.

Fibroblast tumours are sometimes difficult to diagnose, differentiating from various fatty sarcomas, multiple rhabdomyosarcomas, smooth muscle sarcomas, neurosarcoma, malignant diverse sarcomas, Hodgkin's disease ...


Paragraph, in combination with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Sarcoma fibre

Fibro myositis is a common soft tissue tumour, second only to malignant tissue tumours, originating from fibroblasts.

Tumours are found at any age (usually from 10-50 years old) and everywhere (lower limbs, upper limbs, torso ...), men and women.