Lectures on molars

Lecture on teeth and teeth, Lecture on pulp and periostitis, Pathology of periodontal disease, Pathology of facial infections, Pathology of tooth decay, Oral manifestations of HIV infection in adults.

Tumour of the jawbone

Usually involves delayed permanent eruption, lower jaw R8 or upper jaw R3. At that time, we found a missing tooth on the arch of the jaw.

Soft broth tumour

Due to the clinical diversity of haemangiomas in general as well as the complexity of its progression plus psychological implications

Salivary gland infection

In patients who have just gone to dental work or patients with a habit of biting the cheeks, inflammation of the parotid gland upstream

Pathology of tooth decay

Strong acids are often available from outside sources such as carbohydrates in soft drinks, strengthened soft drinks, lemon juice squeezed and stomach fluids or heartburn.

Soft oral tumour

Unlike imitation cysts, the cuticle is always in the centre of the mouth and pushes the tongue back, making it difficult to breathe when it is too large.

Soft tissue tumours of the gum region (gums)

Due to local stimulation and hormonal changes during pregnancy (estrogen and progesterone).

Lectures teeth and teeth sets

The marrow has two jobs: creating dentin and receiving sensations through the nerves with the ends close to the marrow wall or entering the ivory ducts.

Surgical management of facial infections

An antibiotic is a substance of biological or synthetic origin, that works against the life of bacteria by specifically acting on a major stage.

First aid for facial injury

If the tongue tends to fall back, have the patient lie on its side on one side, pull out the tongue with tongs or pull the thread through the tip of the tongue.

Broken lower jaw

Bruising gums + bottom of the hallway and floor of the mouth. May tear the gum lining. The teeth where the broken road passed was wide and wobbly. Possible Broken or missing teeth. Little wrong joints.

Fracture of the middle layer of the face

If a normal fracture should be treated on the third or fourth day after the injury, when the face has less oedema, it is easy to restore shape.

Oral manifestations of HIV and AIDS infection

Periodontal disease associated with HIV infection often has more severe symptoms than the conventional periodontal disease, has a poorer response to classical treatment.

Oral manifestations of HIV infection in adults

Presence of most oral lesions are Oral Candidiasis, Oral Hairy Leukoplakia, Herpes zoster and persistent infection of Herpes simplex

Pathology of oral and dental infections

Swelling covering the grooves and indentations of the face, swelling more or less depending on the position of the teeth, the cause and toxicity of the bacteria, the shiny skin, the touch of heat

Pathology of periodontal disease

The periodontal ligament occupies most of the distance between the teeth and the alveolar bone, creating the periodontal membrane, there are many blood vessels and nerves that create a sense of touch and positioning.

Lectures on pulp inflammation and around the tooth apex

Transient natural pain from 3 to 5 minutes, the pain increases with stimulation (sweet, sour, hot, cold, etc.). Painful nature: localized throbbing pain.