Soft broth tumour

2021-02-02 12:00 AM

Due to the clinical diversity of haemangiomas in general as well as the complexity of its progression plus psychological implications

Pea cyst

Because the pimple grows up, contains pulp, thin shell. Should try to take the entire follicle.

Blood cysts

Trauma to a hematoma develops in three directions: infection, fibrosis or cystic formation.

Cyst due to trauma → open hematoma.

Flat, cavernous haemangioma

Characterized by proliferation and dilatation of capillaries. Usually congenital due to disorders in the tissue process.

Treatment: Due to the clinical diversity of the general hematoma as well as the complexity of its progression plus the psychological and functional implications, treatment of haemangioma cannot follow a single regimen. or any fixed recipe.

There are many methods of treating haemangiomas. The choice of appropriately one of these methods or a combination of methods depends on the clinical form:

Location, size.

Tumour progression properties.

The ability of the doctor.

Methods: Radiation fibrosis injection.


Wait for u to self-heal.

Steroid therapy.

Cryotherapy: N2 cryotherapy (- 1500C to - 1800C) Laser therapy (Argon laser)


A fatty tumour (Lipoma)

Due to the proliferation of fat cells.

Treatment: L was u.


Lymphangioma (Lymphangioma)

Different from haemangioma in that: Cannot go away on its own

Poor response to rays and fibrosis agent

Clinically: easy to superinfection, each time superinfection makes the tumour bigger. No atelectasis, no venous stone.

Treatment: surgery to remove the tumour entirely + shaping (cavernous) or partially (the enlarged, diffuse form). Generally easy to relapse.