Tumour of the jawbone

2021-02-02 12:00 AM

Usually involves delayed permanent eruption, lower jaw R8 or upper jaw R3. At that time, we found a missing tooth on the arch of the jaw.

Tumours due to teeth

Radicular Cyst

Cause: tooth infection


Small cysts: teeth conservation treatment + take follicles

Large cyst: tooth extraction + clean the capsule

Prevention: Oral hygiene, early treatment of tooth decay.

Dentigerous cyst

Cause: Because the underground tooth is a permanent or supernumerary tooth. Usually involves delayed permanent teeth (lower jaw R8 or upper jaw R3). At that time, we found a missing tooth on the arch of the jaw.

Treatment: Take the follicles and teeth.

U men (Améloblastoma)

Enzyme tumour is the acronym for myeloblastoma that comes from the epithelium of the epidermis of the tooth apparatus. In addition, 30% of enamel tumours also come from the epithelium of the neo-tooth follicle.

Some yeast tumours are also of mixed origin, that is, there is a proliferation of mesenchymal components + an increase in epithelial proliferation.

Classified as a thyroid tumour because:

Benign nature develops in place, does not spread.

Malignant properties: unsheathed, has strong invasive properties and destroys bones. Or recurrence and degeneration.

Treatment: conserving and dissecting if the tumour is small. Cut the jawbone if the tumour grows. big.

Dental tumours (Odontoma)

Tumour is composed of tooth structures: enamel, dentin, pulp, cement.

So, dental tumours are mixed because they originate from the epithelium and the mesenchyma. Very few recurrences.

Treatment: Take the entire tumour.

Tumour is not due to teeth

Osteoma (Osteoma)

Tumours are usually in the upper jaw, palpable, attached to the jawbone.

Tumours without a petiole, normal skin swelling, slow progression, no pain, or recurrence, can deform the face. R on the tumour is not affected.

Treatment: The tumour is small, does not cause facial deformity → to follow up.

Large tumours → chamfer surgery.

Ostefibroma (Ostefibroma)

Common in the lower jaw, slow growth.

When the tumour was small, it was not enlarged. There was no symptom, only detected by X-ray.

When the tumour is large, the mass is evenly round, the edge is as hard as the bone. The density should be as elastic as rubber due to the destruction of the bone shell. The teeth on the tumour can be loose, can be repositioned or extracted, the tooth socket is often filled early.

Treatment: Extract the related teeth on the tumour and then remove the entire tumour (will bleed a lot, usually take all the tumour, the bleeding stops).