Medical books

Medical books cover the general healthcare literature and references, including internal medicine, pharmacy, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, traditional medicine, dentistry, otolaryngology, nursing, and other specialties.

Updated handbook of diagnosis and treatment of pathology

Officially updated recommendations and guidelines, for clinical judgment, as well as in the identification and implementation of preventive measures, diagnostics, or therapeutic health strategies.

Symptoms of internal medicine

Medical record, Surgical abdominal surgery, General burns, Internal bleeding syndrome, Obstructive syndrome, Intestinal obstruction syndrome, Exploitation of surgical clinical symptoms.

Symptoms of surgical studies

Medical record, Surgical abdominal surgery, General burns, Internal bleeding syndrome, Obstructive syndrome, Intestinal obstruction syndrome, Exploitation of surgical clinical symptoms.

Medical Pathology

Autoimmune pathology, Obesity pathology, Goiter alone, Glomerulopathy, Primary hyperaldosteronism.

Surgical pathology

Surgical pathology: closed chest trauma, urethral trauma, closed skull trauma, kidney injury, congenital malformations in the umbilical region

Pediatric pathology

Pathology of diphtheria, measles pathology, pediatric abdominal pain pathology, pediatric gastrointestinal malformations, pediatric asthma, pediatric HIV AIDS, pertussis pathology.

Obstetrics and gynecology lecture

Lecture on heart disease and pregnancy, Lecture on benign breast disease, Lecture on contraceptive methods, Lecture on caesarean section indications, Lecture on methods of termination of pregnancy.

Lecture contagious

Lecture on diphtheria, Lecture on polio, Lecture on flu, Lecture on rabies, Lecture on smallpox, Lecture on the plague

Lecture ear, nose and throat

Pathogenesis of anomalous anomalies, Pathology of abnormal airways, Pathology of vestibular and deaf (pathology of the inner ear), Pathology of laryngeal dyspnea, Pathology of nasal polyps, Pathology of the outer ear.

Lectures on molars

Lecture on teeth and teeth, Lecture on pulp and periostitis, Pathology of periodontal disease, Pathology of facial infections, Pathology of tooth decay, Oral manifestations of HIV infection in adults.

Ophthalmology lecture

Lecture of the causes of red eyes, Lecture of the causes of blurred vision, Lecture of the vision of the eyes, Pathology of trachoma, Pathology of eye burns, Pathology of eye injuries.

Dermatology lecture

Lecture of Bowen's disease, Lecture of Celiac disease, Lecture of Duhring Brocq, Lecture of eczema, Lecture of scabies.

Practice diagnosis and treatment

Unusual tears, General concepts of natural contraception, Concepts of contraceptive methods, Damages and sexually transmitted diseases, Health check.


Lecture on the meningeal syndrome, Lecture on increased intracranial pressure syndrome, Lecture on the cerebellar syndrome, Lecture examining 12 pairs of cranial nerves, Lecture on the sensory nerve.


Peripheral tuberculosis pathology, Urogenital tuberculosis pathology, Peritoneal tuberculosis, TB pleural tuberculosis, TB pulmonary pathology, Primary tuberculosis pathology, Tuberculosis pathology.

Outline about cancer

Outline of Cancer Diagnosis, Cancer Description Epidemiology, Cancer Pain Relief Treatment, Radiation Therapy for Cancer, Symptomatic Treatment in End-Stage Cancer, Chemotherapy for Cancer.

Allergic immunology

Allergic drug lecture, Asthma lecture (clinical immunity), Anaphylaxis lecture, Food allergy pathology, Scleroderma, Systemic lupus erythematosus, Atopic capillary disease.

Acupuncture book

Acupuncture for haemorrhoids, Acupuncture for urinary tract, Acupuncture for lower extremities, Acupuncture for goitre and thyroid strength alone, Acupuncture for colds and flu, Acupuncture for myopia, Shock acupuncture.

Lectures on pathophysiology

Lecture on Acid-Base balance disorder, Lecture on electrolyte water imbalance, Lecture on protide metabolism, Basic indicators of Acid-Base imbalance.

Human Anatomy

Anatomy is the science that studies the structure of the human body. Study the structure of each organ and the relationship between anatomy and the function of that organ.


the medical speciality that focuses on injuries and diseases of your body's musculoskeletal system. This complex system, which includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, allows you to move, work, and be active.

Lectures on disease anatomy

Techniques of Pathological Anatomy, Outline of Anatomy of Bone Diseases, Anatomical Factors and Stages of Inflammation, Anatomy of Ovarian Disease, Pathological Anatomy of the Mouth and Jaw.

Anaesthesia resuscitation

Caring for patients after surgery, Epidural anaesthesia, Anesthesia through the sacral cleft, Brachial plexus anaesthesia techniques

Medical Physiology

An outline of digestive physiology, an outline of cardiovascular physiology, an outline of human body temperature, an outline of the endocrine and hormonal systems, some disorders of body temperature physiology, of blood leukocytes.


Congenital anomalies in humans, Formation of mitral and tricuspid embryos, Formation of the embryonic urinary system, Formation of the embryonic digestive system, Formation of the embryonic cardiovascular system, Formation of the embryonic genitourinary system.

Clinical pharmacology lecture

Clinically applicable pharmacokinetic parameters, Drugs excreted in breast milk, Treatment, Prevention of potential drug interactions

Book of echocardiography

Contrast echocardiography, Contrast rib shadow on echocardiography, Contrast papillary muscle shadow in echocardiography, Contrast left a ventricular apical shadow on echocardiogram, Apical hypertrophy of myocardium.

Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging of kidney stones, Imaging of urinary tract obstruction, Routine imaging of the digestive system, Imaging of tumors of the urinary system, Outline of diagnostic imaging.

Forensic medicine

Death by chokehold in forensic medicine, Asphyxiation by carbon oxide, Death by hanging in forensic medicine, Death in liquid, Rape and genitourinary medicine, Outline of suffocation.

Clinical biochemistry test

Biochemistry tests for diabetes, Blood chemistry tests in acute myocardial infarction, SI units used in medical tests, Note-taking samples for biochemical tests.

Internal medicine nursing

Lectures on corticosteroid therapy, Nursing care for patients with lung abscesses, Nursing care for Basedow patients, Nursing care for patients with gout.

Psychology and clinical

Abnormal psychological traumatic brain injury, Abnormal behavioral vasospasm, Abnormal psychopathological gambling, Treatment of schizophrenia, Prevention of mental health problems.

Internal medicine disease: treatment guidelines

Treatment guidelines for doctors at medical centers and hospitals, managing diseases because the treatment is being updated quickly

Lectures on internal pathology

Lecture on pericardial disease, Lecture on buffering and acid-base systems, Lecture on diagnosis and treatment of hepatic coma, Lecture on diagnosis and treatment of peptic ulcer.

Medical microbiology lecture

Development history of microbiology, infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, prevention, treatment direction, care and follow-up after treatment, compatibility of treatment regimens