Immunochromatographic techniques in microbiological diagnosis

2021-08-21 06:21 PM

When serum drops need to determine antibodies on the chromatogram, specific antibodies (if any) in the serum will combine with anti-color-binding antibodies, antibody-antibody immune complexes

Principle: The anti-antibody complex is evenly distributed on the chromatographic plate. Microbial-specific antigens are immobilized at the “reaction line”. When the serum needs to be determined on the chromatogram, the specific antibody (if any) in the serum will combine with the anti-color-binding antibody, this antibody-antibody-antibody immune complex migrates. On the chromatographic paper, it will be retained at the “reaction line” because the antibody combines with the microbial antigen, the “reactive line” results are colored. If there is no specific antibody in the serum, the antigen can't hold the chromophore at the "reactive line", so no color is visible.


Immunochromatographic techniques for mycotoxin analysis