Lecture of ovarian cysts and pregnancy

2021-03-20 12:00 AM

When torsed, symptoms such as cystic curvature of the ovarian tumour outside of pregnancy can cause surgical abdominal emergency syndrome and emergency management.

Ovarian and pregnancy tumors include benign and malignant tumors, in which benign tumors are more common and also have more complications.

Ovarian cysts and pregnancy


Direct cause: because the ovary's organization is completely damaged, there is no good follicle, so the follicles do not develop or develop completely, so there is no ovulation.

Indirect cause: due to a large tumor compressing the uterine tube is prolonged, hindering the movement of the ovule and sperm.


Due to inadequate development of the corpus luteum in the first few weeks of pregnancy, thus causing miscarriage.

Because the large tumor presses on the uterus, stimulates the uterus, causes the uterus to contract, so the fetus is born.

Preterm labor: the patient is still pregnant and develops normally in the first two quarters, but in the third quarter, the uterus grows rapidly, the uterus is enlarged, and stimulates contraction to cause premature birth.

Impeding the alignment of the fetus: due to the tumor of the release of the egg pressed into the uterus, making it difficult for the fetus to correct in the uterus, so often it is common to see the throne such as transverse, inverted or first, loosely.

During labor, if the baby tumor, trapped in the fibrinolysis, forms a leading tumor, prevents the fetus from being able to enter the lumen, hinders the progression of labor, so the tissue must get pregnant.

Pregnancy and ovarian cysts

During pregnancy, the uterus is enlarged, pushing the tumor from the subframe to the abdomen.

When the torsion occurs, symptoms such as cystic curvature of the ovarian tumor outside of pregnancy can cause surgical abdominal emergency syndrome and emergency management. However, diagnosis is more difficult, because when pregnant, the uterus is also soft, so it is easy to confuse symptoms of threatened miscarriage. When visiting the vagina must pay attention to the sign of Hegar because the waist of the uterus is too soft, but it feels like the body of the uterus is separated like an ovarian cyst. Pay attention not to cut off the wrong follicle in the first months of pregnancy.

If the tumor is not twisted can be operated on in the second quarter, because at this time the fetus has grown and developed, the possibility of miscarriage is less.

Before surgery, papaverine and progesterone to reduce uterine contractions must be given to avoid uterine stimulation, contraction causing miscarriage. During surgery, as limited as possible to touch the uterus.

After surgery to use the above shrinkage for at least 7-10 days.

After birth, the uterus shrinks, the abdomen becomes large, the tumor is easier to move, so it is often twisted. However, care must also be taken to avoid confusing an enlarged uterus in the postpartum period with ovarian cysts.