Lecture of ovarian stromal tumor

2021-03-18 12:00 AM

Approximately 50% of ovarian stromal tumours are endocrine inactive and most ovarian stromal tumours are granulomatous.

General perception

Ovarian stromal tumor accounts for 5% - 7% of all ovarian tumors, which are tumors originating from the stratum such as thecoma, Leydig gralosa, etc.

Endocrine activity

It was found that 50% of cervical ovarian cervical tumors endocrine activity decreased by 15% exhibiting no hormonal activity.

Possibly malignant

Ovarian cysts are usually benign, or of low malignancy. Approximately 50% of ovarian stromal tumors are endocrine inactive and most ovarian stromal tumours are granualosa cell tumors.

Granular cell tumors

Granulocyte tumors derived from granulocytes may coalesce (Tp with shell cells or not. Granulosa cell tumors are usually malignant, and cystic cytoplasmic tumors (thecoma) are usually benign.

Patient age

Can meet at any age


Often signifies pain in the lower part of the stomach, fasting blood in the four quarters. Examination of epigastric lump, sometimes the symptoms manifest in cyst rupture, tumour torsion. Usually, block II is diagnosed as granulosa cell II after surgery for pathological anatomy.


Surgery is the most important and the first thing to do. In surgery, it is recommended to try to remove all of the tumor. For young people who wish to have children, with the first stage the neck leaves behind the healthy ovaries. As for those who already have children, the uterus should be removed completely and the appendages + large connective tissue are recommended.


In the ovarian stroma, the regimen of VAC or VPB (Vinbtasttine - platium - bleomycin) is used well, or the formula PAC (platinum Adriamycin, Cyclophosphamide) is also successful in treating some cases of glial cancers. ovary.

Ovarian tumours

Malignant epidermal tumor

Serum tumour.

Mucous lump.

Bright cell tumours.


Cancer does not differentiate.

Small cell carcinoma.

Serum tumours have low malignancy.

Mucous tumours have low malignancy.

Light cell tumours have a low malignancy.

Low malignant endothelium.

Brenner tumor.

Germ cell tumours


We are embryonal carcinoma.

Immature teratoma.

Chorio carcinoma.

Carcinoid struma Ovarii.


Mixed germ cell tumour.

Ovarian cyst tumour

Germ cell tumors.

Cellular fìbroma.



Sertoli leydig cell tumor.

Sertoli leydig tumor with retiíom pattern.

Sertoli leydig cell tumor.

Lpid cell tu mor.

Hilus tumor.