Lecture of stem cell tumors

2021-03-18 12:00 AM

In germ cell carcinoma, the role of hCG; AFP and LDH are valuable in diagnosing, diagnosing, monitoring during treatment and monitoring relapse after treatment.

General perception

Germ cell tumors make up about 15 - 20% of all types of ovarian tumors, are tumors originating from germ cells. Germ cell tumors are common in young people, usually under 20 years old. The patients pointing more often are malignant.


About 85% have abdominal pain, lumping in the hypotenic tumor, and about 10% may experience tumor rupture, tumor torsion, bleeding, sometimes fever (10%), vaginal bleeding (10%) ).

In germ cell carcinoma, the role of hCG; AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein) and LDH (Lactic Dehydrogenase) are valuable in diagnosis, diagnosis, monitoring during treatment and follow-up for relapse after treatment.



Surgery is the best method.


After surgery, chemotherapy should be combined, especially in germ cell cancer. The most effective chemical is VAC (vincristine; actinomycin D & cyclophosphamide). Chemicals have the effect of degenerating tumours, not only in the early stages but also in the progression and recurrence of the disease.

VAC treatment regimen

Vincristine 1mg intravenously once a week.

Actinomycin D 0.5mg intravenously for 5 days).

Cyclophosphamide 200mg (intravenously for 5 days).

Take another 4-week break. Total dose 12 times. When using chemicals, try to retest liver, kidney, and blood count after 1 course of treatment.


In germ cell carcinoma, dysgerminoma in particular has significance.