Outline about cancer

Outline of Cancer Diagnosis, Cancer Description Epidemiology, Cancer Pain Relief Treatment, Radiation Therapy for Cancer, Symptomatic Treatment in End-Stage Cancer, Chemotherapy for Cancer.

Symptomatic treatment in end-stage cancer

Shortness of breath usually accounts for 70 percent of all patients with end-stage cancer. Common causes are malignant lung diseases that may cause

Treatment of pain relief in cancer

The World Health Organization coined the concept of an analgesic ladder as a way to encourage the appropriate use of analgesic opioids in countries where this drug is rarely used.

Epidemiology describes cancer: Outline, concepts.

Over the past 50 years, there has been a marked change in the situation of some types of cancer in developed countries, with a marked increase in lung cancer.

Cancer chemotherapy

Cancer doubling time is the time it takes for a tumour to double its number of cells. In vitro studies show that this time ranges from 15 hours to 72 hours.

Prevention of cancer

The suspicion of a link between smoking and cancer has been raised 200 years ago. The first report in 1795 has linked smoking and lip cancer.

Surgical diagnosis and treatment of cancer prevention

The basic principle in multimodal therapy is to use the advantages of one treatment to complement the disadvantages of the other and vice versa.

Radiation therapy for cancer

An organization of cancer is a collection of many cancer cells in different stages of division. Radiation causes cancer cells to die, and cancer to shrink

The pathogenesis and natural progression of cancer

There is a change in the nucleus: The nucleus increases in size, diversity, many lobes, especially with huge, strongly divided nuclei called multiplication, multiplication

Tumor markers in cancer

The appearance of tumour markers has become an important method widely used in early detection screening.

Outline of cancer diagnosis

There are many methods of diagnosing cancer, and the value of each method depends on the type of disease

Cancer basics

When the tumour grows rapidly, there are clinical symptoms. Pain is often a symptom of advanced cancer.

Causes of cancer

The source of radiation exposure is mainly natural from cosmic rays, earth or building materials. The main source of artificial radiation exposure is in medical diagnosis.

Examination of the tumor

Puncture cells: use a syringe with a fine needle, inject directly into the tumour, or can be combined with aspiration under the guidance of ultrasound