Practice diagnosis and treatment

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Raynaud's disease and the Raynaud's phenomenon

Raynaud's phenomenon is symptoms similar to Raynaud's diseases, but the cause is determined to be caused by a number of other diseases.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of anal fissures

An anal fissure may have some haemorrhoid-like symptoms, but the difference is that a fissure can be observed in the anal area. A manual examination can be very painful.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes

The Schirmer test is done using a special absorbent paper placed on the lower edge of the eyelid. Observing the absorbency of the paper can help determine how dry your eyes are.

Practice the diagnosis and treatment of vision loss

Loss of vision in one of the eyes due to not being used, as in the case of squinting

Practice diagnosis and treatment of palpitations

If palpitations are repeated many times, it may be suggested to have an electrocardiogram with 24-hour continuous monitoring to detect heart-related diseases (arrhythmia, atrial rhythm, atrial fibrillation ...).

Practice the diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus

Ear diseases such as labyrinthitis, Meniere’s disease, otitis media, fibrosis of the ear, ear toxicity, obstruction of the outer ear canal due to many earwax ... can be accompanied by tinnitus.

Practice diagnosing and treating sore throats

Based on the timing of the symptoms. Most sore throats due to acute streptococcal and viral infection will subside within 5 to 7 days.

Swollen lymph nodes in the neck area

If the differential diagnosis is not possible, follow-up for 4 to 6 weeks for further symptoms to help make the differential diagnosis.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of stroke

Thromboembolism, or embolism, is an obstruction caused by a block (usually a blood clot) in a brain artery.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence

Impulsive urinary incontinence usually occurs while walking or sitting, but most often begins with a sudden change in position.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of menopause

Most women experience vaginal dryness during menopause. The depletion of oestrogen causes the lining of the vagina to atrophy thin, the vagina susceptible to infection and pain during sex.

Practice diagnosing and treating vomiting during pregnancy

In unusual cases, when vomiting is very severe, it can impair health, dehydration ... should consider referring patients for examination and treatment at the hospital.

Practice of diagnosis and treatment of bleeding during pregnancy

If the woman with vaginal bleeding has Rh-negative blood type, 500 international units of antibodies against factor D should be injected subcutaneously, within 72 hours of the onset of bleeding.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of scarlet fever

For the first few days, the tongue is covered with a thick layer of white plaque, which continues to grow red spots through it.

Practice diagnosing and treating anal itching

Pinworm infection is confirmed when the patient observes the worms in the faeces. Worm eggs can also be observed in the skin around the anus if using a microscope.

Practice diagnosing and treating diarrhoea

Toxins in food are usually produced by bacteria, such as toxins of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni.

Practice diagnosing and halitosis treatment

Treat the cause according to the diagnosis. If there are no symptoms of infection, antibiotics may not be necessary.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of reflux esophagitis

Pain worsens when lying down or leaning forward. Standing up straight can alleviate the pain, mainly by gravity.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers

pylori ulcers: These are all gastrointestinal ulcers that test shows the presence of this bacterium.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders

Diagnosis is mainly based on symptoms and learn about the patient's lifestyle and diet to detect and determine the cause.

Practice the diagnosis and treatment of lice

Shampoos containing malathion or carbaryl both work well. Apply for the medicine on your head, let it sit for about 12 hours, then wash it off. A thick tooth comb can be used to clean dead lice and nits after washing.

Practice diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis

The disease usually occurs in people in the same family. Statistics show that if one parent already has psoriasis, a child has a 25% chance of developing it.

Practice the diagnosis and treatment of eczema

Gerbera eczema features round, coin-like eczema, which itchy and scaly the skin into patches.

Practice diagnosing and treating hair loss

Due to genetic factors, usually, hair loss causes baldness, starting from the temples, forehead, and then gradually spreading. More common in men than in women.

Practice diagnosing and treating itchy skin

Choose an emollient regularly, be it in the form of an ointment or cream.