Practice diagnosis and treatment of impotence

2021-03-25 12:00 AM

Impotence that occasionally occurs in a normally healthy man can be a sign of overwork, lack of rest, or weakness.

Also known as impotence, is a condition that occurs in a man when the penis does not respond to sexual stimuli, and does not erect in order to be able to perform intercourse. In fact, most people experience impotence a few times, and that's not to worry about. However, if repeated or prolonged repetition interferes with normal sexual performance, finding out the cause and treatment is necessary. It is also important to know that psychological factors play an extremely important role in causing impotence. Therefore, psychological treatment is often effective.


More than half of impotence cases have a physiological cause. Other cases can have many reasons, of which psychological cause is one of the main causes.

Impotence that occasionally occurs in a normally healthy man can be a sign of overwork, lack of rest, or weakness.

The use of certain drugs can temporarily cause impotence, such as beta-blockers, antidepressants, angiotensin enzyme metabolism inhibitors ...

Drinking too much alcohol.


If impotence is related to external factors, it is most likely caused by a psychological cause. The penis, for example, may erect in the morning or during masturbation, but not respond during intercourse.

Physiological causes are more emphasized if impotence is incomplete, meaning that the penis is erect but not stiff enough.

Learn about the drugs that patients have taken, about their previous sexual activities when they were normal, about diet, especially drinking and smoking habits ...

Learn about the history of high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, autonomic neuropathy, signs of hormonal disorders ...

Perform some test tests like blood count, blood sugar, testosterone, thyroid function, prolactin, LH, and FSH. If the test results show abnormal, continue to probe related diseases.


Treatment of diseases according to the diagnosis.

In cases resulting from psychological causes, the assistance of a specialist in gender psychology should be sought.

Instruct the patient on some problems to overcome psychological obstacles, regain confidence in sexual performance. Usually, it takes the effort of both partners, and the wife's encouragement and encouragement is of great value in the husband's recovery. Intercourse should be paused for a while with the following advice for both of you:

The husband should be properly aware of his condition and not be overly concerned.

The wife should have a sympathetic attitude, especially not showing much interest in this matter. This will help ease the psychological pressure on the husband.

The best attitude is to ignore it, then the problem will pass. Either way, the husband needs some time to recover, if the problem doesn't have a serious cause.

When impotence occurs, it is necessary to rest properly and reduce the heavy work.

No smoking, no alcohol. In addition to having a negative effect on sexual performance, alcohol and tobacco also cause many other health problems.

Be patient with the problem. Sometimes a relaxed, natural mentality can be the best way to help a person recover quickly.