Bouchard Seeds and Heberden Seeds: Why and Symptom Formation Mechanism

2021-01-26 12:00 AM

The bony spikes in the knuckle closest to the nail are called Heberden particles. The bony spines in the middle joint of the finger are called Bouchard particles.

Bouchard seed is an enlargement of the bone or particles found in the proximal vertebrae of the hand bone.

Heberden seeds are found in the distal segments of the hand

Figure. Heberden County





The mechanism is not clear.

Some of the studies related to bone bud growth are the main cause of Heberden and Bouchard seeds. Other factors or theory include:

Genetic trends.

The cartilage consolidation of hypertrophic cartilage is the result of prolonged changes from the degenerative joint process.

The thrusting force increases gradually in the tendons in response to excessive stress, repetitive stress, or spasticity.


The presence of Bouchard or Heberden particles is a valuable indication that is evidence of a sure sign of interstitial arthritis and possibly a predisposition to osteoarthritis. There is evidence that there is a correlation between the presence of particles and the actual radiological changes of osteoarthritis.